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Disability Assistance

Disabled Persons Car Badge

People who have severe mobility problems and who have difficulty using public transport may be eligible for the Blue Badge Scheme. Badge holders are entitled to park for free meaning they can often park closer to where they are going. The Blue Badge Scheme operates throughout the UK. To apply, contact your local Council.

Mobility Services

There are a number of services that could assist you if you have difficulty getting around. Contact us for further information.


Hospices can provide care and support to people in a number of situations, whether it be respite care for a carer or a place to stay while changes to medication are being made. We have details of many hospices, please contact us for information on a hospice in your area.

Travel Insurance

Many people who suffer from or have suffered from cancer can struggle to find travel insurance to suit their needs.

Contact us for details of companies who specialise in providing travel insurance for cancer patients.

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